Not too many people have the time, money or wish to be in a car travelling at ludicrous speeds on gravel roads. That’s totally cool. The clubs that I have been involved with for the past 30 years have some an amazing and diverse bunch of people involved, that you can be assured a good time even if you are not competing.

There are so many jobs and things that need to be done to get an event up and running, and anybody can do these jobs, have fun, meet new people and explore this beautiful state of ours.

1. Jobs as simple as being a road closure, blocking a minor road to prevent people entering or leaving a live competitive stage.

2. Start or finish controls are fairly simple too, and involve some time keeping and radio skills and completing competitors “control” cards to record their stage times.

3. Service crew, helping a team get a vehicle to an event, and keep it running for the day. Changing wheels, refuelling and general maintenance.