Stroker 2300cc L20B engine with Brookfield (Serial number JB11a) ported cylinder head.
Due to the longer stroke, RPM limit is set to 7500. Engine shown below with previous twin 45mm DCOE webers that have now been replaced with 48mm Jenvey DCOE throttle bodies.

Datsun L20B block bored to 89mm
88.5mm Nismo head gasket
89mm Z24 flat top pistons
L20B rods
Z22 machined counterweight crankshaft
46mm stainless inlet valves
36mm stainless exhaust valves
Crow 30832 race camshaft
Heavy duty single valve springs

Fuel injection:
Autronic SM4 ECU and loomphoto (6)
Twin DCOE 48mm Jenvey throttle bodies
SW Motorsports big bore match ported manifold
725cc Injector Dynamics injectors
Custom coil on plug sequential ignition coils
Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps
2.5L surge tank