This is a work in progress, and very much a KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

On the navigators side there is a Terratrip 303+ with a wheel probe on each front wheel. These are connected to a pulse splitter that I designed, allowing the Terratrip and the Autronic to share the same wheel probes.
Also there are VDO mechanical oil pressure and water temperature gauges.

In front of the driver is a single 9″ touch screen, displaying all the data that comes out of the Autronic SM4. This was a custom build as well. I have also added a GPS speedo¬†which outputs to the same LCD touchscreen. The screen was only $80, and the computer that runs it was $25, which is about $1500 cheaper than VDO gauges and sensors to do the same job!

The only additional gauge is a digital fuel gauge which I designed and built myself, it is fully programmable and displays a bar graph and Litres remaining until empty.Fuel Gauge

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